Lake Land College avoids increase in tuition for spring semester

MATTOON – The Lake Land College Board of Trustees unanimously voted to hold tuition for the 2017 spring semester during its meeting Monday evening.

College Board Chairman Gary Cadwell says the board was delighted to avoid the increase for the upcoming semester.

“This has been accomplished due to conservative fiscal policies, planning for emergencies such as lack of a state budget, and sacrifices made by faculty and staff,” Cadwell explains.

Based on a recommendation from Vice President Bryan Gleckler, the college’s tuition and fees will remain at $102.50 per credit hour for tuition and $23.80 for fees. Students taking 15 hours a semester will pay tuition and fees at about $1,800.

“While the uncertainty of the state’s budget has caused challenges, we are pleased that everyone at Lake Land College has come together to reduce costs and minimize the impact on our students,” College President Josh Bullock adds.

Lake Land College received its portion of funding from the state based on the stop gap budget earlier this year. The college was able to develop a balanced budget for fiscal year 2017 based on those state funding levels. The budget was also created with an across the board 25 percent in all operating budgets and a freeze on non-essential supply and travel expenses.

More information about Lake Land College and its offerings can be found here.

Lake Land College avoids increase in tuition for spring semester

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