JWCC won’t receive any emergency funds allocated by state board


Posted: Dec. 9, 2016 11:35 am

The Illinois Community College Board has approved a distribution of $3 million in emergency funds to help community colleges across the state that are in need.

However, John Wood Community College is not expected to receive any of the money because its financial situation is not as dire as some other institutions.

“John Wood has confirmed with ICCB that the college will not be receiving any of the $3 million emergency funds allocated to the community college system,” Mike Elbe, president of JWCC, told The Herald-Whig.

“ICCB used a special formula to focus on the most financially stressed colleges and did not apply the base operating and/or the equalization funding formula typically used to appropriate funds to community colleges.”

ICCB Chairman Lazaro Lopez said during Wednesday’s meeting in Carterville that the state’s community colleges will continue to struggle until there is a stable state budget in Springfield.

“I do want to say that while we are grateful and moving forward in this process, there is still a need for a regular state budget,” Lopez said.

The state hasn’t had a budget for 18 months. A partial spending plan expires at the end of the year.

Elbe also cited a need for a regular state budget.

“The college remains hopeful and expects the governor and legislators to come to terms on a state budget early in the new year,” he said.

State law says the Illinois Board of Higher Education must consult with the ICCB for financial emergencies, the (Carbondale) Southern Illinoisan newspaper reported. The higher education board last month reserved $3 million for community colleges.

Du Quoin Mayor Guy Alongi and JALC Trustee Jake Rendleman, community college board members, were also in attendance for the meeting Wednesday. They said the exact distribution of the money will be determined after the plan is formally approved by the higher education board.

“I’ve never known them to turn it down,” Rendleman said.

The higher education board is scheduled to meet on Dec. 13.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

JWCC won’t receive any emergency funds allocated by state board

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