SIU approves alcohol sales at campus events

CARBONDALE — You will now be able to buy alcohol on SIU’s campus. Several other universities around the state have already started selling liquor and Thursday, SIU board members followed suit. 

Whether you run a restaurant, bar or grocery store, selling alcohol can be quite profitable. That’s why SIU jumped on board and will now start selling beer and wine at campus events. 

Students like Mary Margret Kelly say they’re excited about the idea.

“I actually think it might be a good thing in terms of attracting the local community to the football games and the basketball games, and make them more of a community event,” said Kelly. 

But students like Adam Lundquist worry it might pose some problems. 

“Being in a college town, even just outside of those events, being at bars and things you can definitely see people getting out of hand with it,” said Lundquist. 

But the university has plans to help prevent that.

SIU President Randy Dunn says the university will have to beef up security at those events, which will cost money, but interim Chancellor Brad Colwell believes it’s worth it.

Alcohol sales will generate much needed revenue for the university since state funding has dwindled. He says the positives far outweighs the negatives. 

“There is a lot of benefits that come from this but we just have to be smart about it. We won’t rush through it, but we know we need to move pretty quickly on it though,” said Colwell. 

Kelly says she and her family will be at more sporting events because of the change.

“If they can get local micro breweries, I’d love it. I’d make it just a fun event to taste new and different beers,” said Kelly.

Colwell said the university will start working on policy right after holiday break, but there is no official word on how soon alcohol sales will be allowed on campus. 

SIU approves alcohol sales at campus events

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