EIU president to speak with Faculty Senate on recommendations list


CHARLESTON — Eastern Illinois University’s president is expected to speak today with members of the Faculty Senate, presumably over concerns the senate members have over the college’s Vitalization Project.

Last week, some from the senate voiced concerns about the recently posted recommendations that came out of the Vitalization Project, and at around 3 p.m. today, David Glassman will meet with them in the Booth Library conference room to talk about the project.

The senate will also be voicing more opinions on the recommendations and their validity up to this point at 2 p.m. during their regularly scheduled meeting.

According to minutes from last week’s special senate meeting, many of the concerns focus on what some in the senate considered a “flawed” process. Most of the comments on the Vitalization Project touched on in that meeting focused on the academic programs, specifically those that have been targeted for elimination in the recommendations listing.  

According to the minutes, claims were also made that the workgroups involved with deliberating a decision on specific academic programs did not spend enough time reviewing reports of programs as well as responses of recommendations made by program leaders.

The minutes state that Stefan Eckert, senate member, thought the drive of the project was to heavily reliant on profit/loss sheets on each program. If that were the case, he noted that it also went against an assurance Glassman made that the recommendations would not be reliant on which programs were in the black.

Grant Sterling, senate member, said in that meeting that the recommendations do not even do an effective job at saving Eastern money, which was a partial goal of the project, according to the minutes. He cited programs like pre-engineering and philosophy, a program he is in, as ones that should not be recommended for elimination if only because they “are not losing money.”

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EIU president to speak with Faculty Senate on recommendations list

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