Vallas says CSU will not be absorbed

* Today…

Paul Vallas asked if Chicago State will be absorbed by another university; he says he came on board under the agreement it would not be

— Tony Arnold (@tonyjarnold) January 17, 2017

The Chicago Tribune editorial board urged a “full-blown takeover by a stronger university” just the other day, mentioning UIC as a possibility.

* More from today’s press conference

Vallas, known for transforming urban schools districts, called CSU’s financial and structural problems a “microcosm” of what he endured as CEO of Chicago Public Schools from 1995 to 2001. But he said he’s confident the university can endure a turnaround.

“Our objective here is to not only preserve Chicago State but to help transform it into the dynamic university that the community needs,” Vallas said. “Universities are economic development engines and there’s absolutely no reason why Chicago State cannot be one.”

Let’s hope so. And maybe the governor and those remaining legislative Democrats who are resisting a deal will finally realize the damage they’ve done to our “economic development engines” around the state these past two years.

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Vallas says CSU will not be absorbed

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