NIU board chairman resigns

DeKALB – The Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees will have a new chairman after Marc Strauss announced his resignation Wednesday.

Strauss, an attorney of counsel at Sycamore-based law firm Foster & Buick, had served for 12 years on the university’s board. He resigned after being informed by Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office that he would not be appointed to another six-year term.

“NIU continues to provide thousands of young people with access to a high-quality higher education and the tools they need to achieve success in their careers and lives,” Strauss said in a written statement. “I have great respect for the passion of NIU’s faculty, staff and students. I will watch the University’s progress with great interest and enthusiasm.“

The NIU board has eight members. Seven are appointed by the governor, and one is a student trustee elected annually by students. The board’s duties are to “operate, manage, control and maintain Northern Illinois University.”

Bylaws require that NIU trustees appoint a chairman, vice chairman and secretary each year. When the chairman’s position is vacated, the vice chairman fills the role. That means John Butler, who preceded Strauss as chairman, once again will take the post.

Strauss was one of four board members whose terms expire this week. Rauner is expected to appoint successors for them soon. State law provides for board members whose terms expire to continue to serve until their appointed successors are named and confirmed by the state Senate.

The chairman runs board meetings and also appoints members to committees. With Strauss’ resignation, Butler will be chairman until July 1.  

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NIU board chairman resigns

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