SIU announces athletics cuts


Southern Illinois University plans cuts to its intercollegiate athletics, including eliminating two sports, the college announced Thursday. 

SIU says it it will eliminate men’s and women’s tennis and reduce scholarship funds for men’s swimming and diving. It will reduce its total athletic scholarship outlay by about 16. SIU says it will cut 4.5 scholarships in men’s tennis, 8 in women’s tennis, and 3.9 scholarships in men’s swimming and diving.

The athletics department will continue to honor financial aid of all current student-athletes affected by the decision until they graduate, SIU says. The university notes that, if they want to, those athletes are allowed by the NCAA to transfer to another institution without penalty at the end of the current school year.

The measures will take effect on July 1. 

In a news release about the cuts, the university says the athletics department expects to save around  $660,000 each year once all the cuts are fully realized. The savings come from scholarship costs, salaries, team budgets, travel and facility rental fees. 

To read the full news release, click here

SIU announces athletics cuts

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