University of Illinois Alumni

At the start of 2017, the University of Illinois is still contending with the state of Illinois’ budget crisis.

Last year’s “stopgap” funding ran out at the close of 2016 and Illinois colleges and universities are facing a third year with no clear path to supporting higher education in this state.

We’re feeling the effects of the chronic uncertainty. It’s challenging to recruit elite faculty and students. It threatens crucial research grants and creates a less-than-ideal environment for students.

A completely defunded higher education system across Illinois is a real possibility.

Defend the U of I’s future and let legislators know that another year of budget inaction and massive cuts is unsustainable.

Key points to consider:

  • Illinois’ public colleges and universities employ 175,000 people full-time and contribute more than $50 billion in state and local economic activity annually.
  • They build the state’s workforce by educating over 800,000 students every year and awarding more than 195,000 certificates and degrees annually.
  • Over 70% of those graduates stay in Illinois, driving the state forward.
  • A lack of funding has left hundreds of Illinoisans without jobs and thousands more feeling insecure about their future and wary about staying in Illinois.

Tell lawmakers that you—their constituents—are watching and expect better of them.

Click here to take action now

University of Illinois Alumni

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