SIU condenses transit system due to budget cuts

For students on the SIU campus who need to get around the city but don’t have a car, the Saluki Express is the way to go.

“Since they don’t really have actual buses in Carbondale, it’s the only way that you can get to one place to the other,” said SIU freshman student Tenisha Mcentee.

Some of that might change, according to an email from the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Lori Stettler, who wrote that the bus system will condense by canceling one route and combining other routes following continued low enrollment. This has students like Tanisha Mcentee looking for alternative ways of transportation.

“Hopefully, somebody down here got a car cause I really don’t want to walk,” said Mcentee.

The University plans to combine the east and west routes because they cover the same ground. This small change will save the university $120,000  per year.

Although the news comes as a surprise to Mcentee, she says that she doesn’t think the adjustment will be hard unless she has to walk in harsh weather conditions.

“If it’s raining, class is canceled for me because I’m not walking in the rain. But it’s not that far,” said Mcentee.

The Saluki Express is free to all students with a student ID.

SIU condenses transit system due to budget cuts

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