SIUC cost comparison to nearby universities

WSIL — SIU Trustees moved to hike tuition, but eliminated “out of state” fees, aiming to attract more students to its two campuses. But can those students from far away still get their best deal at SIU? A comparison with nearby universities reveal some interesting facts.

SIUC’s enrollment numbers keep dropping, with the university losing more than seven and a half percent of its students this past year. So in the hope of drawing-in more students, trustees eliminated out-of-state tuition.

“Students from multiple states are always looking at specific programs and they are looking at the universities that offer those programs. Whether that university charges a higher rate or lower in-state or out-of-state is a factor in their college choice,” said SIUC Spokesperson Rae Goldsmith. 

Incoming SIU undergrads will pay around $12,500 in tuition and fees. Missouri students attending a public university in their own state would pay around $10.922 for tuition and fees at Mizzou or nearly $7,000 at Southeast Missouri. Students in Kentucky pay an in-state rate around $11,000 at Lexington’s U-K. Indiana students would pay around $10,000 to go to Indiana State, in Terre Haute. All of those costs, cheaper than leaving home for SIU. 

Goldsmith says the budget crisis has made recruitment, more challenging.

“It’s given other institutions from out-of-state a window to market to our students. They are taking advantage of the fears of the viability of the higher education in the state of Illinois,” said Goldsmith. 

In the competition for Illinois students, SIU still offers an attractive price tag compared to Mizzou, Kentucky, Indiana State, and even the University of Illinois though SEMO still comes in cheaper, in costs which don’t include room and board. 

But some students who want the best programs say you get what you pay for and they shop accordingly.

None of the costs we quoted include room and board.

Schools, including SIU, also have added fees depending on a students major which will add to those costs. 

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via WSIL – News

February 20, 2017 at 10:51AM

SIUC cost comparison to nearby universities

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