Tuition, fee hike on agenda at Heartland

NORMAL — The Heartland Community College board of trustees will consider on Tuesday a recommendation for increasing tuition and fees about 2.8 percent, starting with the summer term.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. in Room 2012 of the Community Commons Building on Raab Road.

The total per-credit-hour cost for tuition and fees would rise from $144 to $148 if the recommendation is accepted. That includes a $2 per-credit-hour increase in tuition and a new $2 learning management system fee.

The new fee will replace a $30-per-course fee that had been charged only for online and hybrid courses. The new, universal fee recognizes that the college’s learning management system is used by traditional classes, too.

Factors that went into the recommended increase included the “ongoing uncertainty of the state funding situation — not knowing what, if anything, we will receive,” Doug Minter, vice president of business services, said Monday.

Other factors included the college’s strategic, multiyear budget plan, approved last year, which forecast the need for a $2-per-credit-hour increase in tuition for fiscal year 2018, and a collective bargaining agreement with full-time faculty that calls for a 2.5 percent salary increase in FY 2018.

The increase would mean a student taking 12 credit hours per semester in fall and spring would pay an additional $96 a year.

Minter said the college’s tuition and fee total has ranked about 10th among public community colleges in the state and this increase would move it up to about seventh.

However, “we will continue to look at the overall cost of education as all factors — not just tuition and fees,” Minter said, referring to ongoing efforts by the college to keep down the cost of textbooks.

Also on the meeting agenda are a report on credit enrollment for spring 2017 and an update on strategic planning.

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February 20, 2017 at 11:27PM

Tuition, fee hike on agenda at Heartland

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