Budget Impasse Could Hit Student Workers


About 260 Northeastern Illinois University students may be forced out of their campus jobs. That’s because of a new rule put in place as a result of the ongoing Illinois state budget impasse – and it has implications for every public university in the state. Since January First – Illinois universities haven’t been getting any state money. To save cash – NEIU is asking its staff to take furlough days. But a new state rule put in place in December makes that process more complicated. The rule says if a university is going to have its employees take unpaid days off…then the school has to prove its doing what it can to save money by first kicking students out of their part-time university jobs. NEIU is the first test case of how the rule works. And President Richard Helldobler says it’s keeping him up at night. HELLDOBLER: I can’t figure out right now a way around it. And I just find that exasperating. NEIU has had many problems because of the budget impasse. It has a 17 million dollar

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February 22, 2017 at 08:58AM

Budget Impasse Could Hit Student Workers

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