RVC Board Chair meets with students after faculty layoffs announced


RVC Board Chair meets with students after faculty layoffs announced


Friday, March 3, 2017 12:26 PM EST

Rock Valley College
Rock Valley College


Let’s talk. That’s what the head of Rock Valley College’s Board said to the student body after staff layoffs were announced this week. 

“I thought it was important to address the students. They are the reason we’re here,” Patrick Murphy, Rock Valley College Board of Trustees Chairman, said Thursday. 

An open forum was put on by the college’s Student Government Association Thursday afternoon.

The school says there has been a lot of worry and confusion over the layoffs and they wanted to set some things straight with students. The school says the college will not lose its accreditation because of these layoffs. The school also assured students that transfer credits are safe and any changes to the fall schedule are already reflected.

However, students say they still have concerns over their future at Rock Valley College. 

“I don’t know if transferring programs works because most programs are full and they do not allow transfer students in to most dental hygiene programs, that I’m aware of,” Rock Valley College Student Katie Schmide said after the meeting. “So, (I’m) probably trying to find another career path to go down when I’m almost 23 and I’ve been in college for five years.” 

Schmide says she is in the dental hygiene program at Rock Valley College. Two of the three instructors in that department were on the list to be laid off. 

The Rock Valley College Board of Trustees approved a reduction in force plan at their meeting Tuesday night. The proposal means that dozens of tenured and non-tenured instructors could be laid off after the spring semester.  

On Wednesday, current and former Rock Valley College students meet to discuss the proposed cuts. They also started an online petition for the board. 

On Monday, the college’s faculty union cast a “no confidence” vote aimed at the current board of trustees, something they say has been “a long time coming.”

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March 3, 2017 at 03:35AM

RVC Board Chair meets with students after faculty layoffs announced

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