CSU problems lead to call for closure


It seems that every other week we read about a problem at Chicago State University (CSU).

The most recent problem has to do with a $1.2-million temporary fix to its boilers. The “fix” turned out to be renting heating equipment instead of actually making repairs.

As is usual with this university, CSU officials ignored Freedom of Information requests seeking service records, invoices and communications regarding the problem.

Previous problems at CSU include ignoring a judge’s order to pay a large whistleblower settlement to a former employee, questionable purchases by the former president, excessive buy-outs, ongoing poor budgeting and $59 million in deferred property maintenance.

If this were not enough, the university is thinking about opening a multi-million-dollar facility on the West Side. This is from a university that graduates 11 percent of its students and has an arrogant attitude toward the expenditure of taxpayer dollars.

Can you tell me what state, other than Illinois, would tolerate such blatant misuse of public dollars?

This has been going on for years without a solution. Fortunately, there is a solution. I offer it to our state and city leaders without charge and without the need for another “study.”

Close this arrogant money pit and reallocate the funds in the following manner:

All current CSU students with a “B” average or better should be given free tuition and books at Northeastern Illinois University (NIU), also located in Chicago and conveniently located near public transportation. This benefit would continue as long as the student maintains a “B” average.

All current CSU students with a “C” average should be given 60-percent off NIU tuition and free books as long as they maintain a “C” average.

Once the above costs have been determined, reallocate any remaining funds to NIU to alleviate its budget problems.

Begin an immediate evaluation of the vacant CSU property to determine if it can be used for any state, city or federal employees currently leasing other facilities, or if can it be leased for $1 to any private employer who agrees to bring jobs to the area and maintain the property.

The objective here is to relieve the state of any ongoing costs while at the same time putting the property to better use.

The bottom line is this: minority students need to be helped, and this solution will do just that. It’s good for the students—perhaps not so much for some politicians.

I have no connection in any manner to NIU; these recommendations are made in an effort to solve a dire and ongoing problem.

NIU is a university in the city of Chicago serving many minorities, and it has produced a reasonably good record. It deserves help.

It would be a win/win for the state and the students.



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March 14, 2017 at 02:29PM

CSU problems lead to call for closure

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