City of DeKalb Taps NIU Students To Promote Downtown

College towns often benefit from those who study there, but not many NIU students are visiting DeKalb’s downtown district. So city officials went to them directly to see how they can change this trend. Like many cities of its size, DeKalb has a well-defined downtown district that’s home to many businesses and attractions. Economic Development coordinator Jason Michnick says they’ve also been working to constantly improve it. “If you go back historically, there was a group called Renew DeKalb that looked at economic development efforts downtown. The city’s also done two different downtown planning studies," he says. The studies examined the land and possible redevelopment opportunities, but found that not many students frequented downtown attractions at night and on the weekends. Believing part of this was due to a lack of communication between NIU and DeKalb, the city manager set up meetings last spring between local government and the student body. Student Senate Speaker Christine



via Northern Public Radio Podcasts

March 22, 2017 at 10:55PM

City of DeKalb Taps NIU Students To Promote Downtown

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