LETTER: Black Hawk College at crossroads


Editor, Register-Mail: As another election approaches on April 4, one of the most crucial races for our area is the Black Hawk College Board of Trustees race. There are two seats open and three candidates.

For nearly two years, BHC administration has been cutting staff, faculty, programs and courses. It stands to reason that the lack of state funding means the board of trustees has to make some tough decisions. But, the trend so far has been short-sighted and has halted any chance of enrollment increases.

We need board members who will listen to ideas and concerns from students, staff and all local residents. We need board members with the tenacity to turn things around. We need board members with a vision of growth for the entire college.

I know Steve Spivey and Jon Looney are the two best candidates for the BHC Board. Both have positive ties and experiences with the college and feel the entire district needs to be moving in a different direction.

Steve Spivey served as chair of the board at Black Hawk and provided exemplary leadership when the college was strong, stable and growing. He operates Spivey Angus Farms near New Windsor and is chair of the Black Hawk College East Campus Foundation.

For several years, Jon Looney was the director of Information Technology for Black Hawk College, so he understands the college and its campuses from the ground up. Jon has a real passion for student success and believes in fostering student learning from the first day on campus until graduation.

Black Hawk College is at a crossroads: the college can continue declining, or it can rebound to increased enrollment and greater opportunities for all our residents. By electing Steve Spivey and Jon Looney, voters will be adding experienced, energetic, and knowledgeable leadership onto the college board.

Be sure to vote for Steve Spivey and Jon Looney on April 4. — Eldon R. Aupperle, professor emeritus, Black Hawk College, Toulon



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March 27, 2017 at 05:20PM

LETTER: Black Hawk College at crossroads

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