Western guarantees tuition rates for next year


Western Illinois University Quad-Cities will guarantee tuition and other costs for students, after March 31 action by the university’s board of trustees.

The rates for 2017-18 are guaranteed to rise by .06 percent in the Quad-Cities for fees, room and meal plans, according to a news release from the college’s University Relations department. This translates to increases of $6 for incoming undergraduate students or $4.80 for graduate students at the Moline campus.

At the Dec. 16 meeting, trustees voted to keep the 2017-18 tuition rate level. The tuition rate for incoming undergraduate students remains at the 2016-17 rate of $8,541 annually, or $284.70 per credit hour, based on 30 credit hours. The 2017-18 tuition rate for new graduate students also is unchanged at $323.64 per credit hour.

The 2017-18 tuition rate, as well as fees and room and meal plan, remain set for those new incoming students under Western’s Cost Guarantee program. Tuition, fees, room and meal plan are fixed for a four-year period and remain in effect as long as a student maintains continuous enrollment.

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The Board also approved an annual rate of $1,630 for student health insurance and revisions to employee benefits.

— Times staff

Western guarantees tuition rates for next year

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