WIU reacts to new stop gap proposal



Another stopgap proposal has been floating around Springfield, but school officials who visited the capitol said they need a more permanent solution.

The state hasn’t provided necessary funding for years, and now state lawmakers are pushing a bill that would provide WIU with roughly 13 percent of their 2015 funding. President Jack Thomas said on Friday that the money is simply a lifeline.

“They’re asking us pointed questions about what could we do in terms of what cuts can we make,” Thomas said. “And I said that we’ve been cut to the bare bone. We’ve got nothing left to cut.”

Students like Stephen McQueen said they’ve definitely noticed the effects of the budget impasse on campus.

“Teachers, class room settings, I mean a lot of the stuff kind of just looks a little outdated, and funding really could help kind of modernize some of the stuff around here.” McQueen said. 

McQueen also added that the state needs to make education funding a priority.

“It should be school, then infrastructures, then go down the list,” McQueen said. “I mean it should be number one in general.”

Now with yet another stopgap measure, and still no budget, McQueen fears the long term impacts on schools like WIU may be getting larger.

“I mean, it’s just going to be a big problem,” McQueen said. “It’s just gonna get worse and worse if they don’t get something going.”

The stopgap plan still needs Senate approval, and Governor Rauner has already voiced his opposition to the plan.

WIU reacts to new stop gap proposal

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