Black Hawk College balances budget amid state funding crisis

Black Hawk College Board of Trustees gave first input on the budget for Fiscal Year 2018 on Monday night.
The College’s budget is reliant on a state budget passing in Illinois.
"The state support is vital and critical to Black Hawk College," said Steven J. Frommelt, Vice President for Finance and Administration and Board Treasurer. "Even though the state doesn’t have a balanced and passed budget, it is still important to us."
The college can still support itself without a state budget, but the amount the state is giving is half of what it was three years ago.
"You’ve seen a budget presented tonight that has very minimal funding coming from the state of Illinois," said Dr. Bettie Truitt, President of the college. "We’re down to about 11%, counting on about $3.6 million from the state."
That 11% Truitt refers to is the amount of funding the college uses that is state funding. It should serve as 33% of funding of the college, but due to lack of a state budget, it is just 11%. Tuition makes up 51% of Black Hawk’s funds.
The budget for Fiscal Year 2018 is balanced, around $400,000 below budget.
That’s around 1% of the budget, which is a fine line for trustees.
"It seems to me we’re gambling with what state legislators are going to do," said Richard P. Fiems, Vice President of the Board of Trustees. "Up to this point it is consistent of a big fat nothing. I’m still convinced they’re not going to send us any money."
Trustees think that is unlikely, they’re still projecting that they’ll receive $3.6 million, the same they did for Fiscal Year 2017.
But, that is just a projection, they’re hoping for a budget in Springfield so they can secure funding.
"It’s very difficult to run a $34 million dollar budget without any idea what’s coming from the state," Dr. Truitt added.
Monday’s meeting was very early in the college budget process, the budget will not be voted on until the June 22nd meeting.

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April 17, 2017 at 03:15PM

Black Hawk College balances budget amid state funding crisis

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