NIU President Doug Baker To Leave Office June 30

Northern Illinois University President Doug Baker announced at the beginning of today’s Board of Trustees meeting that he will leave the university at the end of the month. The announcement comes in the wake of a recently released report by the Illinois Office of the Executive Inspector General. It found that Baker’s administration improperly classified several new hires as "affiliate employees," a category meant for part-time, short-term workers. All the individuals involved worked full-time, in circumvention of state code. The report specifically stated that Baker "mismanaged" the university during that process. In a campus update released this morning, Baker says that, although his end-of-term evaluation was proceeding in a "positive manner," he agreed with Board Chair John Butler that the OEIG report was a "significant distraction." The Board will consider a transition agreement later today, and will release details after closed session.

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June 15, 2017 at 09:34AM

NIU President Doug Baker To Leave Office June 30

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