John Wood looking forward to MAP grants return


At John Wood Community College, roughly 370 students were eligible for MAP Grant funding, yet they didn’t see a dime of it last year.

The last year has been busy for John Wood Community College Student Emma Hoyt.  Just like all the other MAP Grant eligible students, she didn’t get her grant last year, so she and others had to find a solution.

“I do work study here at John Wood, and then I have another part time job outside of this.” Hoyt said. “So I did have to pick up a few more hours, and a few extra days just so I could cover those out of pocket expenses.”

In all, students should have gotten $440,000 in map grants, but because of the state budget impasse, that money never came.

Dean of Enrollment and Financial Aid Melanie Lechtenberg said that’s about to change. Students will soon be getting their MAP grants for next year, and the money they should have gotten last year.

“With the MAP Funding coming back in place, those students will have the opportunity to pay down some of that debt that they accumulated, as well as get ready for the upcoming year as well.” Lechtenberg said.

President Mike Elbe added that the school is preparing for next year as well, and that process is a whole lot easier now that there’s a budget in place.

“You know we spent hours upon hours planning for the unexpected.” Elbe said. “And I think the passing of the budget, we know what we’re going to be receiving and it gives us a target that we can shoot at.”

Students like Emma said now knowing what they’ll be receiving will help them academically as well.

“I wanted to be sure that I could have the means in order to get those books, and to get those classes so that I could graduate in a good amount of time, so it does mean a lot to me that I can focus more on the school side of things.” Hoyt said.

Lechtenberg also said that even though the money is coming, it won’t be there right away.  

Elbe said he’s been told the funding process from the state will be much slower than usual, so they don’t know when the MAP reimbursement will happen, or when they will get the rest of their funding.

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July 7, 2017 at 06:47PM

John Wood looking forward to MAP grants return

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