SIU Trustees Approve Financial Plan, Administrative Hires

SIU Trustees have OK’d a financial stability plan that cuts $26 million from the Carbondale campus, and lays out potential program eliminations for the future.

The plan calls for fewer colleges and departments on campus by this time next year, and targets seven specific degree programs for potential elimination. It’s drawn sharp criticism, with many saying their voices aren’t being heard.

SIU President Randy Dunn says he understands the concerns being raised both on and off campus – but says Trustees needed to vote so that planning could proceed.
“If someone wanted to come forward with an alternative approach or parallel plan, there has been multiple opportunity to do so. And we have governance organizations that have every freedom to take that and run with it.”
The Graduate and Professional Student Council says it wasn’t given the opportunity to provide input on the proposal. Dunn says the recommendations are not yet set in stone, and more conversations will be had.

In addition to the SIUC Financial Stability Plan, University Trustees also approved Carlo Montemagno as SIUC Chancellor, and Brad Colwell as Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Montemagno will be paid $340,000, with a one-time stipend for moving expenses and temporary housing. He’ll start August 15- a week before the fall semester begins.

Colwell, who served nearly two years as SIUC Interim Chancellor, will be paid $230,000 in his new position.

Trustees also gave the OK to Judy Marshall serving as Executive Director of Administration and Finance, and Lizette Chevalier and David DiLalla will share Provost duties until a search for a new Provost can be completed.


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July 13, 2017 at 04:17PM

SIU Trustees Approve Financial Plan, Administrative Hires

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