New state budget gives IVCC some stability

Illinois Valley Community College has a clearer view of the future, thanks in part to a newly-passed state budget.

Jerry Corcoran, IVCC president, reported Thursday to the Board of Trustees the new state budget brings stability and predictability to the table through providing supplemental funding as the college closes out FY2017. The state budget also gives the college a firmer idea of the finances they will receive, despite FY2018 appropriations being down 10 percent. Corcoran thanked Vice President for Business Services and Finance Cheryl Roelfsema for “guidance through very difficult times.”
With this knowledge, the board later approved a tentative FY2018 budget of more than $31 million with the Trustee David Mallery being the sole trustee in opposition of the tentative budget.
Mallery spoke during the public comment period, asking trustees to keep taxpayers in mind when voting on the budget.
“The proverbial Christmas came early right in the middle of this budget process. Well over 2.5 million of unplanned, unbudgeted commitments just showed up,” Mallery said. “Unfortunately, the reality is that the new money is flowing from the common person’s pocket directly in the college’s pocket.”
Mallery asked fellow trustees to consider some “relief” for taxpayers and students by asking for the rate of additional tax be reduced and the increase in $6 per credit hour be postponed.
Mallery suggested the action could be a marketing opportunity to drawn in more students.
President of American Federation of Teachers Local 1810 Steve Alvin responded to Mallery’s statement during the public comment session.
Alvin said that the money being released to community colleges was not “suddenly coming out of pocket.”
“This is money that was due IVCC, it was due higher education. The passing of the budget gave an appropriation that allowed that money to be released,” Alvin said. “It’s not anything like suddenly more money is being taken away from the taxpayer. This is money that has already been collected.”
Alvin stated that the college’s needs must also be kept in consideration with FY2018 appropriations being down 10 percent and with no guarantee the college will get everything promised for FY2017.
“We’re already down in headcount for full time faculty by a significant number,” Alvin said. “The inability of the college to hire the faculty to maintain all the courses you want in order to keep enrollment is a real issue and simply by stating we’re going to return tax money is a disservice to the college.”
No further discussion came from any trustee member prior to passing the tentative budget during the meeting with Mallery’s dissenting vote.

In other business, the board approved:

• The appointment of Bonnie Campbell as Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs until Deborah Anderson returns from temporary leave.

• The appointment of Maddalena Alfano, nursing instructor, at an annualized salary of $48,307 effective Aug. 14. Alfano was recommended for employment due to their previous work experience and passion for teaching.

• Renaming the CTC 124/125 rooms as the Ralph Scriba Conference Center. Scriba, a 1951 L-P-O Junior College alumnus, recent donations to the IVCC Foundation in support of the agriculture program as well as his previous donations qualified him for a new recognition based on the college’s naming rights policy.

• An intergovernmental agreement between Lake Land College and Illinois Valley Community College to allow Lake Land College to continue offering programs at Sheridan Correctional Center, which is located within IVCC’s district.

• An intergovernmental agreement with the city of Streator for two new TIF districts.

• Accepting the renewal from Guarantee Trust Life for student athletic insurance coverage with 1st Agency at $35,460, 10 percent less than last year, as well as the renewal from Axis Insurance for the student athletic catastrophic insurance coverage with Ramza Insurance Group at $3,251.

• A contract with United Graphics of Mattoon for the printing and mailing of the Enrollment Driver magazine for $10,430. The magazine would target 29,000 individuals in the district from ages 20 to 40 and will be sent to workers at district manufacturers that offer tuition reimbursement. The 16-page magazine will be mailed By Nov. 1 for spring registration.

• A five-year contract with Blackboard for software, managed hosting and additional storage capacity at $76,384.

 Seeking proposals for a content management system to redesign the college’s website.

• Diane Lane, IVCC programmer/analyst, was appointed as an administrative systems lead.

• Part-time English instructor and writing tutor Zachariah Forkner, part-time English instructor Kelsey Forkner and library technician Jayna Leipart Guttilla gave notices of resignations.

• A total of 17 LPN graduates will be pinned at a 5 p.m. Monday, July 24 ceremony in the gym.

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July 13, 2017 at 10:51PM

New state budget gives IVCC some stability

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